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International Sulphur, Inc.

International Sulphur, Inc. is a privately owned corporation with processing facilities in Mount Pleasant, Texas. The plant facility is surrounded by gas production and mining sites providing an abundant source of crude sulphur. We have built our 50 year reputation on processing and supplying only the best industrial grades of sulphur to the Rubber, Paper, Agricultural and Utility industries. Production capabilities include grinding, blending, classifying, flaking and emulsifying recovered or frasch (organic) sulphur to customer specifications.

Our commitment to only high quality products has made International Sulphur a primary force in both the domestic and export industrial sulphur markets. ISO 9001:2008 certification was originally achieved in 1994 through SGS International Certification Services and we continue to manufacture an ever improving product through a "Total Quality Management Program". This program utilizes statistical quality control and delivery, scheduling and tracking systems which support the most discretionary "Just in Time" inventory system.

Agricultural Sulphur:

How would you like to know that you applied one product to your crops and it would condition the soil, control pH, increase nitrogen utility, control fungus and control most insects smaller than an aphid? That one product is SULPHUR.

Soils may be conditioned or "fluffed" through the use of sulphur. This chemical reaction that occurs within the soil profile will loosen up otherwise tight soils and increase water penetration. Often called the "fourth major nutrient", sulphur is a building block of chlorophyll and a necessary ingredient for the formation of proteins. It is one of 16 basic elements needed to support plant life. Sulphur is recognized as an effective fungicide/pesticide and has been for the last 170 years.

The use of sulphur on crops can provide an economical and natural control of:


  • powdery mildew
  • rust
  • brown rot
  • cotton root rot
  • black spot
  • leaf spot
  • scab
  • mites
  • thrips
  • flea hopper

 In addition to these basic uses, there are other beneficial side effects of sulphur application:


  • Increases crude protein of forages
  • Improves plant winter hardiness & drought resistance
  • Improves crop quality including color and uniformity

International Sulphur, Inc. has 50 years experience in manufacturing agri-sulphur products and has a variety of products to meet your needs. We formulate products to meet your specific requirements and utilize state of the art testing and analytical techniques to ensure our products meet your most rigid specifications.



International Sulphur, Inc. | P.O. Box 611 | Mt. Pleasant, Texas 75456- 0611

Phone:  903-577-5500


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